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Industry Spotlight: Piedmont Biofuels

As a community scale biodiesel cooperative we rely a lot on advice and support from similar businesses in the industry. Some biodiesel companies are worker owned, some are consumer owned, some are neither, some are large scale, some are small scale, all of them are paving the way for a renewable fuel. Among these companies we’ve been very impressed with Piedmont Biofuels in Pittsboro, North Carolina. Not only are they running a smooth operation, but their customer service is impecable and we’ve had very helpful and friendly conversations with their guy who knows a lot about biodiesel and lunch. They’ve also made great strides to improve the production process by using enzymes to cut down on required chemicals. We hope to live up to Piedmont Biofuels’ standards at our new facility. Thanks for giving grease a good name!


06 2012

We’re Empowered

Check out a new documentary about Tompkins County residents who are untying themselves from the grid and relying on renewable energy. Directed by our good friend Shira Golding of Shirari Industries, this film is already getting some really great press. Check out Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative in Empowered!


10 2011