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With a Roar! Ithaca Biodiesel at the Cayuga LION

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to learn more about how to invest your capital in local enterprise, towards your own financial gain and towards the betterment of your community, NOW’S YOUR CHANCE! Professional investment advisors will be presenting about a Local Investing Opportunity Network, or LION tomorrow, which enables individuals such as yourself to vote local with your dollars.

The local chapter, Cayuga LION, will be having its first event tomorrow, Tuesday the 24th, at 5:30pm at La Tourelle Spa & Resort, on South Rt. 96b, and they are asking for a $7 entry fee. Here are driving/biking directions. The event is hosted by Sustainable Tompkins.

Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative, along with Black Oak Wind Farm, and Swidjit, have been invited to very briefly present a little information on who we are to the attendees. What happens after that we will keep our fingers crossed for, as we work towards a new facility!

It would be good to RSVP with the organizers here if you plan to attend – thank you everyone for your interest and all your support so far!


04 2012

Cayuga LION

We are very honored to be part of the first Cayuga LION event on Tuesday, April 24 at 5:30 pm at La Tourelle Spa in Danby. The LION is a Local Investment Opportunity Network meant to introduce local business owners and investors. As you all know, we’re currently fundraising for our new equipment and facility, so this meeting couldn’t come at a better time. If you’ve thought about investing in a local business specializing in bringing local, sustainable fuel to our community, then please visit us at the Cayuga LION event and discuss invesment opportunities with invesment specialists.


04 2012

Great Local Foods

Join us today in Trumansburg as we celebrate Great Local Foods. We’ve donated one farm and one friend membership to the cause. What can you do to support local food and fuel?


03 2012

Dinner and Beyond

Thanks to everybody who joined us at our membership drive dinner on March 11. We had a lot of fun and were pleased to see that our message of biodiesel was well received. If you didn’t make it but would like to know what we talked about, please view this part of our presentation. We appreciate your patience as we continue to plan our next steps. We’re very excited to have some new members and potential customers and we can’t wait to begin serving this community with a local, renewable, sustainable fuel. The truth is that no matter how much we want to make biodiesel, we can’t do it without you. We’re gonna keep on truckin’ – will you join us?


03 2012