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The Secret Life Of Garbage

Ever wonder what happens to all the stuff we throw away? Check out this cool infographic from Bethenny Schaffer at Business Degree. Apparently, it doesn’t all go where we think. That’s why our cooperative is committed to recycling waste oil and turning it into fuel, offsetting fossil fuel use, reducing carbon emissions, and keeping grease out of gardens and oceans. The alternative is just too scary.

Life of Garbage


09 2012

Greasecar Kit For Sale

What’s one of the nicest parts about being part of a co-op? People know that we’re here to help! So when a friend of ours makes an exciting move from Ithaca to California, we say “Sure, we’ll help you sell your greasecar kit!” So, yes, there’s a greasecar kit for sale. The seller is asking $1,200 for this kit that has never been used. Give us a holler if you’d like us to hook you and your Mercedes sedan up to the awesomely clean and efficient world of straight vegetable oil fuel!


07 2012

Get Your Grease Car Today

Have you been waiting for that perfect diesel vehicle already converted to run on veggie oil? Then contact Jon Mingle about his 1985 Mercedes 300TD that’s for sale. Now’s your chance to start driving on biofuels!








10 2011