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Dinner and Beyond

Thanks to everybody who joined us at our membership drive dinner on March 11. We had a lot of fun and were pleased to see that our message of biodiesel was well received. If you didn’t make it but would like to know what we talked about, please view this part of our presentation. We appreciate your patience as we continue to plan our next steps. We’re very excited to have some new members and potential customers and we can’t wait to begin serving this community with a local, renewable, sustainable fuel. The truth is that no matter how much we want to make biodiesel, we can’t do it without you. We’re gonna keep on truckin’ – will you join us?


03 2012

We Need Your Support

As our mild winter rolls on and spring seems to be quickly approaching you might be getting excited to start using biodiesel. So are we! The gears are turning behind the scenes and we’re doing so much to make sure that we can provide you with a clean and certified fuel. We’re meeting with the Town of Ithaca Planning Department to work on our full site plan, dreaming of a clean and streamlined shop, and of course getting pumped up for our big fundraiser and membership drive on March 11.

You might be wondering how our community can support us so that we can open our doors as soon as possible. The answer is simple…

Give the gift of biodiesel!


In order to pay for our start-up costs like paying design professionals, purchasing equipment, and modifying a new facility to meet our necessary design standards, we have a goal of at least $100,000 to raise. Since we’re a cooperative corporation we won’t be asking for recurring donations from the community. We plan to be a self sufficient business after this initial round of requesting gifts. We just need some help getting on the road…

So if you’re interesting in donating to our start-up campaign, independently of whether or not you will purchase a membership during the month of March, then please make a secure gift payment through Paypal. 

Your support today will ensure energy security tomorrow.



02 2012