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So Many Opportunities

Green energyWe’re happy to be part of TC3′s Bio Energy Opportunities in Upstate NY conference on Aprl 27. Please visit the TC3 main campus in Dryden to learn about our region’s sustainable energy future. McKenzie will be speaking on a panel with other new organizations working toward an energy secure future for Upstate NY. Learn about Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative’s place in fueling the future of our home!


04 2012

That’s a Nice Radio Voice

Jamie and McKenzie had the pleasure of speaking with Brendan on WHCU’s All Things Equal radio show this morning. Listen, learn, share, and support biodiesel.



We sound good, right?


03 2012

Hitting the Circuit

We hope you’ll come see us this Thursday at Cornell’s Mann Library for their annual Local Food, Fiber & Energy Fair. We’ll be there to answer questions, hand out some fancy new pamphlets, and schmooze with other people who are cool enough to go local. You don’t want to miss out on the fun!



11 2011

We’re Empowered

Check out a new documentary about Tompkins County residents who are untying themselves from the grid and relying on renewable energy. Directed by our good friend Shira Golding of Shirari Industries, this film is already getting some really great press. Check out Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative in Empowered!


10 2011