Guiding Principles

Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative is able to uphold its Mission Statement by committing to the following Guiding Principles:

  • To promote openness, honesty, integrity, and mutual respect as pinnacle virtues in our relations with our worker members, our consumer members, our investor members, our vendors, our trade partners, and the community at large.
  • To provide fair and supportive treatment of our worker members and to be sensitive to the working and living conditions of all employees of companies with whom we do business.
  • To exercise ecological responsibility and leadership in our operations and choice of materials with the ultimate goal of being locally and environmentally sustainable.
  • To emphasize and promote locally produced goods and goods produced or distributed by other cooperative businesses.
  • To educate ourselves and others about our purposes, practices, the goods and services we provide, and the principles to which we subscribe.

Cooperative Structure

The main purpose for creating Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative as a cooperative corporation is to engage in an alternative paradigm of commerce and industry. The characteristics of this paradigm are as follows:

  • Triple bottom line: We aim to protect, conserve, and respect people, planet, and profits.
  • Local and environmental sustainability: The antithesis of economic globalization, these qualities foster local independence and adaptability. Local fuel production decreases our dependence on foreign oil relations and the policies that support them, contributing to an economy that responds to the needs of the environment.
  • Fair trade and employment practices: By using standardized criteria based on industry standards to determine a living wage, we will create a working environment of fairness and equality with the ultimate goal of maintaining a maximum earning ratio of 5 to 1 for all worker members from the highest paid to the lowest paid. We will support our local economy by supporting our members.
  • Participatory workplace democracy: Cooperatives are democratic organizations controlled by their members who actively participate in creating policies and making decisions. Fundamentally, it is our philosophy that all who are affected by a decision made regarding the cooperative should have an influence in the outcome of that decision.
  • Alliances: We are open to partnering with other organizations and communities that promote or intend to promote democracy, fairness, or social and environmental responsibility in an effort to pool ideas and resources towards common goals.



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